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We've Got The Cure For Aging Accounts

The reason you started your practice:

  • To serve your community

  • To pursue your dream of becoming a Doctor

The problem with unpaid invoices:

  • Your practice should be able to focus on what they do best, free from the burden of collections.

  • Late-paying patients should be held accountable to their obligations in a dignified, lawful and respectful manner.

  • Collecting on unpaid invoices negatively impacts the  practice's finances, time management, employee moral and the opportunity to direct  efforts towards something positive.


Let us help eliminate these financial burdens.

Flat Fee ~ No Percentages Charged!

Our services help medical and non medical clients!


  • Patients that are 90-180 days past due can be submitted to Profit Recovery.  For each account you submit to Profit Recovery, we initiate a series of 5 contacts we like to call         1 + 4. The service consists of five written contacts to the parent. The first contact is in the practice’s name and 4 contacts from MedCare Revenue Management (third party collections). The first letter in the practice’s name avoids the conversation when the parent  responds ‘I can’t  believe you sent me to collections’.

  • Our online portal will provide you with the exact date and time the first letter and all contact letters are sent out. Plus a host of many other helpful features to provide complete clarity.

  • The first contact from your practice informs the patient that the practice needs to hear from the patient or their account will be sent to collections in 10 days. There is actually a holding period of 14 days before the patient receives their first collection notice from MedCare Revenue Management. These 4 letters from MedCare Revenue Management are sent to the patient in 10 day intervals. The letter series increases in urgency, instructing the patient to contact us to resolve. These are real collection notices from a real collection agency, but this service gives the patient a second chance in resolving the debt before things become serious.


  • In Profit Recovery the practice  still owns the debt, you are still in control. You can start, stop, or put the service on hold. 

  • The service separates those who won’t pay from those who can’t. You are giving the patient the opportunity to contact the practice and work it out, instead of having them deal with a traditional collection agency.  If they feel a need to dispute they contact MedCare Revenue Management and we will work with you in resolving the dispute and working towards a resolve.

  • In traditional collections, you would legally assign the patient‘s debt to the agency and you give up control on how the debt will be collected and you never really know their methods. We provide complete transparency so you can rest assure that our actions are in-line with your high standards.

  • Profit Recovery provides a middle ground, between your best internal efforts and before assigning the patient to a traditional collection agency The patient does not go directly to a traditional agency, they have the opportunity to deal directly with the practice. We have found it to be a real game changer.

So free yourself and your staff to focus on patient care, and let us and handle the rest.  

  • Easy to use online client portal

  • We are the recognized regulatory compliance leader for healthcare account resolution

  • Our services allow our clients to react quickly and appropriately to slow paying accounts




"I highly recommend MedCare Revenue Management! They offer great rates and are more effective than the other companies I've come across in this space. Lisa and her entire team are the best of the best when it comes to Medical Billing and Collections for doctors. If want your claims paid FAST and prefer to focus your attention on your patients and not on all the paperwork, you need to call MedCare Revenue Management today."


"We use MedCare Revenue Management's EHR software. The software is so easy to use and our patients have a simply time filling out the forms. However our favorite part is the ability to order labs and prescriptions so easily. We definitely recommend their services."


"We chose MedCare Revenue Management to do a practice alaysis on our physical therapy clinic. We had no idea we were under billing in many cases. The information Lisa provided helped increase our profits. We look forward to using more of their services in the future. Thanks Lisa, we appreciate all the work you did for our practice."


  • Fully integrated with our flagship systems and other popular EHRs

  • Real-time electronic claim submissions

  • Instant claim scrubbing, All claims automatically verified over 1.5 million lines of rules that are updated daily

  • Detailed, customizable reporting, can export into programs like Excel and Quickbooks

  • Complete transparency with real time reporting and claim monitoring

  • Our average office sees 96% of all their receivables collected in under 120 days. The majority of insurance claims are paid in under 10 days

  • Simple, fast, compliant specialized documentation and scheduling

  • Custom macros and templates

  • Online patient intake forms and check in kiosk

  • POS system and Inventory management

  • Patient monitoring and scheduler alerts

  • Instant insurance eligibility check

  • Task automation and assignments – consistent patient experience

  • Integrated patient appointment reminders, marketing tools, and credit card processing